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Pebble III

3rd Most Funded Kickstarter Ever

Raised: $12,779,843

If you’re looking to pump up your campaign, talk to them.

Travel Tripod

6th Most Funded Kickstarter Project 

Raised: $12,142,457

These campaigns…they’re the lifeblood of our business, and you guys knock it out of the park.

Everyday Collection (Peak Design)

10th Most Funded Kickstarter Ever

Raised: $6,565,782

A-class all the whole way through… some wise partners


Most Funded Plant Project (Terraplanter)

Raised: $6,391,763

THANK YOU! It was quite a ride, an amazing experience and we hope and think that it’s only just the beginning :) It was a pleasure working with all of you as well and look forward to continuing this one and looking forward to the next one.

Xeric NASA

Most Funded Timepiece

Raised: $5,405,412

You guys kicked butt, thanks for all your hard work!


Mitch Greenblatt , CEO & Co-Founder at Xeric

Peak Design Travel Line

Most Crowdfunded Company

Raised: $5,206,611

Wonderful job yet again! A-Class the whole way through. I’m sure we’ll be calling on your services again.

Filippo Loreti II

18,550 backers

Raised: $5,170,445

We killed it guys!! Congratulations to all of us!

Matas Jakutis, Cofounder

Bird Buddy

Most Funded Project In Gadgets

Raised: $4,968,924

Thanks to everyone at Jellop! Stellar job guys and really happy we got to work with you!

Franci Zidar, Team Bird Buddy

Meticulous Espresso

3,774 backers

Raised: $4,960,578

Thanks, amazing working with you as always!

Carlos Pendás, Team Meticulous

Flipper Zero

Most Funded Hacking Tool

Raised: $4,882,784

Thanks to you and all Jellop team for your incredible work. You guys definitely deserve your status of crowdfunding marketing leader.

Alex Kulagin, Creator of Flipper

Everyday Messenger (Peak Design)

17,029 backers

Raised: $4,869,472

You’ve been wonderful to work with all the way through. Thank you, and see you next time around!

Peter Dering, Founder & CEO at Peak Design

Otto’s G32

Most Funded German Project

Raised: $4,848,177

WIth your help we reached $5M! Thank you for you great support and teamwork!

Steffi Scheer, Otto Wilde Grillers

Everdell: Newleaf, Mistwood, And The Complete Collection

31,463 backers

Raised: $4,831,975

We look forward to working with you in the future!

Skye Walker, Team Everdell

LaserPecker 4

2,829 backers

Raised: $4,545,838

10W 450nm Laser + 2W 1064nm Laser | Power Your Personal DIY Crafts | Bulk Commercial Products | Applicable for Virtually All Materials

Eiyuden Chronicle

3rd Most Funded Video Game

Raised: $4,537,503

Thank you for your help and flexibility!

Ben, Eiyuden Chronicle team


10,401 backers

Raised: $4,378,018

CR-6 SE, a workhorse designed for who defines creativity, makes 3D printing ever easier before.

Arsenal 2

Most Funded Camera Gadget

Raised: $4,243,975

The campaign results were great, and your team was critical to its success. Thank you!

Nate Stephens, Chief Operating Officer at Arsenal

Misen Dutch Oven

Most Backed Brooklyn-Based Project

Raised: $4,217,392

Thanks for a great campaign, guys!

Omar Rada, Co-Founder at Misen

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